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Social entrepreneurship

Motty Reif is the head of the Friends of the Female Spirit Association since 2018.


'Women's Spirit' works to promote the economic independence of women survivors of violence in Israel and strives for social change from a feminist perspective and commitment to social and gender justice. 

Women’s Spirit has been recognized for its role as a world leader in the field of violence against women and has been accorded the status of Special Advisor to the United Nations Economic-Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN in 2019. The receipt of this status constitutes international recognition of Women’s Spirit’s activities in working for the good of women survivors of violence in Israel and as a unique model for working with women who have managed to extract themselves from the vicious cycle of abuse – by developing economic independence.


Turning the Tables promotes economic advancement for women exiting the cycle of prostitution, addressing main obstacles they face in their way to create a new life, by offering: Vocational training in sewing and pattern making, and in digital marketing, Business hub for their own creations, Employment and livelihood - by working in production of our 'I'm Not For Sale' brand products or in other businesses & A safe and homey space for social integration with all kinds of people in all sorts of interaction, with mentors, employers or customers, and above all - as equals.

The program is being held in two studios, in Tel Aviv and Haifa, serving women and transgenders from all religions and origins.

Motty Reif is the Chairman of the Mothers' Foundation.Named after Pinchi Mor In collaboration with the Tel Aviv Foundation.

The Mothers' Fund funds single mothers in south Tel Aviv with all classes, diagnoses and tutoring for their children.

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